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DIVE GODDESS AND LIQUID FIT are proud and excited to introduce matching skins and custom wetsuits in a brand new beautiful print called REFLECTIONS.  This is available in shades of teal or royal blue.  Lycra skins are made in 5 ounce flattering and flexible lycra, available in seven sizes.  Custom wetsuits are available in 2.5mm or 3.5mm thickness in neoprene.  NOW, you can layer and layer and layer (fashionably, of course) and be fully and comfortably equipped for all sorts of diving temperatures without taking up extra space in your suitcase!

There’s already talk in the wind about adding a few more prints.  These are wonderfully fun suits.  We’re doing our best to add to the beauty of the oceans, one diver at a time.  Or as our good friend Dive Goddess says, “High quality, visually distinctive active wear, for serious divers who don’t take themselves TOO seriously".  Please note, Dive Goddess and Liquid Fit are separate companies.



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